Meet Sam and Aaron

To our Fellow Illinoisans, 

We are running for Governor and Lieutenant Governor because we believe in the promise of Illinois. 

As long time Illinoisans, we have seen Chicago Democrats and Rauner-type Republicans run our State into a ditch. We cannot stand by any longer and watch them bargain the futures our children and grandchildren so they can line their pockets with your hard earned money and let lawlessness prevail. 

We will make sure that hardworking Illinoisians are rewarded for their hard work. We will replace crony capitalism, special tax breaks for the well-connected and an out of control welfare system, with a system that rewards hard work so you can show compassion to those who need it most. We will guard your religious liberty from those who seek to corrupt it. We will make sure that life is protected. We will fight for our second amendment rights and to secure our state from illegal immigrants. We need a Governor who stands for our values and does not fold to Chicago Democrats and Raunerites. 

This is the fight for the soul of our State. With your vote, we can fulfill the promise and prosperity in our State, you deserve. 

Let’s Rebuild Illinois Together. 

Sam McCann Candidate for Governor 

Aaron Merreighn Candidate for Lt. Governor