Sam is 100% Pro-Life. Rauner failed the unborn, by signing HB 40 and allowing taxpayer funded abortions "on demand" in Illinois. Sam will stand up for the unborn and protect the sanctity of life, unlike Rauner who surrendered to Chicago Democrats, Progressives, and the RINOs who now control the Republican Party.

Sam will work to overturn HB 40 and work with Pro-Life and reasonable legislators to make sure that Illinois protects the life of those who cannot defend themselves, and to ensure that Illinois taxpayers don't have to pay yet another bill they can't afford. 


Taxes in Illinois are crushing hard working families. Sam wants to restore our economic liberty by doing what Rauner couldn't do. Sam will work with legislators from both sides of the aisle to create a plan that works to reduce the tax burden on hard working families and small businesses, and to fix the crushing property tax system in Illinois. 

Sam also believes that it is vital to protect our religious liberties. Sam will push for protections that preserve our religious beliefs from being attacked by leftist values. Illinoisans should be able to live in a state that does not force them to violate their religious beliefs. 

Law and Order 

Politicians in Chicago have failed to keep us safe. On Day 1, Sam will work to dismantle Rauner's sanctuary State bill and work with President Trump to secure the sovereignty of our borders. Sam believes we are a country of laws and that the State of Illinois should follow those laws. 

Sam wants to be governor for the whole state, but will govern with a downstate perspective. A downstate approach to governing has been missing for decades and it shows. The last time this state was set on anything resembling the right path was under the direction of a downstater. 

Sam will return us to that downstate, common sense approach to governing. Sam will lead the charge to Rebuild Illinois Together.