Sam McCann Reinforces Commitment to Working Families, Union Members

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Contact: Rick Crosley, Spokesman

Following the endorsement of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, Conservative Party Gubernatorial candidate Sam McCann reminded middle class and union voters that he is committed to making them a priority in Illinois’ recovery.

McCann made the following statement:

Since Governor Rauner took office, he has made union members and middle class workers out to be the “bad guys” in Illinois, constantly blaming them for economic strife and making reduction of their quality of life a central part of his plan to return Illinois to fiscal health. Enough is enough.

Illinois does better when middle class workers are doing well. When workers can earn a living, get benefits, and plan for their retirement through their jobs, it reduces demand for government services. Our state should celebrate those jobs and try to create more of them.

A strong and vibrant middle class adds value to Illinois. I want to grow a middle class economy where workers are moving forward instead of losing ground. And union members won’t have to look over their shoulders if I am elected Governor.

Limiting workers’ rights, reducing wages, and attacking benefits is not the way to economic prosperity. I’ve fought Bruce Rauner’s attempts to weaken unions and hurt workers in Illinois, and I will continue this fight as Governor.