Sam McCann Comments on Rauner’s leftist record on immigration

Friday, August 24, 2018

Contact: Rick Crosley, Spokesman 630-750-4073

In response to Governor Rauner's announcement that he plans to veto several immigration bills, Sam McCann issued the following statement:

Governor Rauner's sudden change of heart on immigration is disingenuous and clearly driven by his staggeringly low poll numbers. Rauner willingly signed a bill into law reigning Illinois in as a sanctuary state and has remained silent in much of the national immigration debate. Choosing rather to side with a Chicago liberals rather than POTUS Donald Trump.

Now that polls show him trailing by nearly twenty points, Governor Rauner has decided his only political option is to flip-flop and pretend to be conservative, thinking Illinois voters won't see right through him.

Illinois voters have one candidate who has been consistently tough on immigration, and they can count on me to stay vigilant in protecting jobs for our citizens.