Sam McCann Comments on Rauner’s call for a Capital Bill

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Contact: Rick Crosley, Spokesman

In response to Governor Rauner's call for a Capital Bill, Sam McCann issued the following statement:

Governor Rauner continues his legacy of broken promises as a failed administration attempts another stunt to shadow four years of incompetency. You don’t raid the road fund every year of your administration, requiring the Constitution to be amended to stop the bleeding, and then credibly make a call to repair our roads and bridges. You don’t raid downstate road districts of their funding by spending money on the Obama library project in Chicago, and then make a call to increase transportation and infrastructure investment because our competitiveness and job creation is faltering. What you do is lead. You lead every day of an administration, not just attempt to during the weeks leading up to an election. You don’t wait to veto endless Bills after failing to work with the legislature, you work with the legislature to curb the need to veto Bills. There is no doubt that we need a Capital Bill. We have a $4.6B annual shortfall in transportation and infrastructure needs in the State of Illinois, and that number continues to grow every day. If you want to grow an economy invest in it.