Governor Rauner Mobilizes to Silence Conservative Opposition

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Rick Crosley, Spokesman

SPRINGFIELD, IL – After Libertarian and Conservative Party candidates submitted nominating petitions to challenge him in the upcoming election, Governor Rauner has mobilized his paid staff in an attempt to invalidate the candidates’ petitions and block them from getting on the ballot.

Conservative Party candidate Sam McCann, who turned in more than 60,000 signatures on Monday, issued the following statement:

“Governor Rauner knows he cannot be reelected based on his record or on his principles, so he must resort to shady political gamesmanship. Conservatives and Republicans spoke loudly in the primary, nearly dropping Bruce Rauner from the contest completely. Now he is trying to silence the conservative movement that came in the wake of his failed leadership.

The truth is that it should come as no surprise that we were able to collect so many valid signatures, and that our work was made easier with every action Governor Rauner took to divert Illinois from traditional conservative values. He’s isolated himself from his party and he has only himself to blame.”