Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate Sam McCann Sues Republican Leader Bill Brady

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Contact: Rick Crosley, Spokesman


Brady’s confiscation of staff and resources are a “partisan attack” on 50th District voters

SPRINGFIELD, IL – This morning, Conservative Party gubernatorial candidate Sam McCann filed a federal lawsuit against Illinois Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady for violating the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Since April 19th, McCann has been denied access to the taxpayer-funded legislative services - including staff, technology, and other resources - that are provided to all Senators to support their ability to represent their constituents. The removal of these resources came on the same day that Brady attacked McCann for leaving the Republican Party.

While McCann has announced his intent to run as a member of the Conservative Party, he has not yet withdrawn his membership from the Republican Party, nor has he completed the necessary steps to establish the Conservative Party. As a member of the minority caucus, McCann is entitled to funding and services to support his work as a duly represented Senator.

The lawsuit claims that removing McCann’s access to the minority caucus resources without a hearing violates his First Amendment protections of free speech and due process. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that removing these services violates the equal protection rights of his constituents, whose service is being diminished as a result.

“This is a partisan attack on the men and women of the 50th District,” said McCann. “Bruce Rauner is threatened by my efforts to defeat him in November, but I am a member of the minority caucus, and taking away resources that I am statutorily entitled to as a Senator weakens my ability to represent my constituents. It is a heavy-handed political threat, but I am not afraid to push back, and that is why I am a target.”